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4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I started riding a few years ago at age 45 so I have lots of biomechanical issues that Misti is really helping me fix. She has a remarkable eye for small corrections that make a big, immediate difference in each ride. She also has a knack for visualizations to help you pull together all the moving parts of equitation. Every lesson I’ve had with her has been better than the last: challenging, fun, rewarding, safe, and a great workout.


  2. Misti is a great instructor! Both my elementary school daughter and I have really enjoyed our lessons. With my daughter, Misti is patient, engaging, and provides age-appropriate exercises and guidance. She makes riding fun and just the right level of challenge.

    Misti has helped me quickly rebuild muscles and relearn aids after years away from riding. Her lessons are precise and clear, and she encourages rider questions and feedback. I’ve ridden with instructors around the world – Misti is one of the best!


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